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«Arpa-Marco Polo» – Hunting Service Company operates since 2000, which located in a valley of “Arpa” of Naryn area at OWN 89 000 hunting hectars areas. With us have been hunted hunters from many countries like USA, Canada, Russia, India, New Zealand, Australia, France, Spain, Belgium, Thailand. Our company gives to clients pleasure top-level, in that plan as camp conditions, professional guides, the size of trophies and certainly service. We would like to carry out the hunting round on Marco Polo sheep and Mid-Asian Ibex

Our company is one of the most distinguished hunting companies in Kyrgyzstan. Experienced guides, comfortable 4 wheels, untouched reserves, best hunting organization and well-equipped accommodation (hotels, pensions, village houses and fly camps) enable you a comfortable, reliable and unforgettable hunting trip. You can combine your hunting trip with various activities and discover the traces of the oldest civilizations of Kyrgyzstan, the natural beauties and as well as the culture of Kyrgyzstan.

Our company gives comfort for you to have unique traveling and hunting experience in Kyrgyzstan. Over the years we have built teams of highly skilled and professional staff in the campsю They share our dedication in ensuring that you, our hunters and friends, enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Traveling with us, you get top service at a reasonable price.

Arpa-Marco Polo Hunting Service Company



Kyrgyzstan is located on the western border of China, south of Kazakhstan and east of  Uzbekistan, north of Tajikistan and 5000 km southeast of Moscow. It is a land of powerful eternally snow-covered mountains, alpine meadows scattered with flowers, impetuous rivers and waterfalls amid cliffs and steppes with the scent of worm wood; a land of blue lakes and green valleys. The pearl of the Central Asia is the emerald-blue Issyk-Kul Alpine lake. Kyrgyzstan attracts travellers from all over the world not only due to the great variety of landscapes, abundance of mountain lakes and cascades, alpine meadows and glaciers and exclusive resorts, but also due to historical and architectural sights, and wonderful Kyrgyz traditions. Kyrgyzstan’s climate is classic continental with hot summers and cold winters. Temperatures can vary considerably within a single day – especially in the mountains. Spring: March: around 59 F daytime (+15 C), 23 F at night (-5 C); Fall: November: expect windy conditions. Daytime temperature around 35 – 45 F (+1 +7 C) with lows of 5-14 F (-10-15 C).

Territory: 199,9 thousand sq.km (5,8% – the woods, 4,4% – waters, 53,3% – agricultural lands, 36,5% – other lands). Nearly 90 % are located above 1500 m above sea level.

Climate – extremely continental with cold winter and hot summer. Precipitation generally occurs in autumn, winter and spring, while summer is usually dry.

Population  –  5,5 million.

The capital – Bishkek (859,800 inhabitants). Big towns: Osh (255,800), Jalal-Abad (98,400), Karakol (68,000). Kyrgyzstan has 7 administrative regions – Chuy, Talas, Issyk-Kol, Naryn, Jalal-Abad, Osh and Batken.

Religions – the majority of believers – Muslims. There are Christians: orthodox, Catholics and Protestants (Lutherans, Baptists, Adventists).

State language – the Kyrgyz, official language – the Russian.

Independence Day – 31 August 1991.

The state system as Presidential-ParliamentarianRepublic was defined the Constitution taken by June 27, 2010. The citizens of Kyrgyz Republic have a right to select:  The President  and   Deputies to  Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament) and their representatives into the organs of local self-guidance. The parliament —  Jogorku Kenesh is unicameral and consists of 120 deputies elected for a period of five years on party lists. Jogorku Kenesh has priority in the decision making process and takes most important decisions in policy of the state.