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Marco Polo sheep and Mid-Asian ibex

алексIf the hunter wants to experience hunting as it used to be, Asia is the last frontier. I have hunted just about everywhere but in Kyrgyzstan one travels both in space and time to the glory age of hunting travels. The mountains are pristine, people are friendly, and horses are surefooted. Hunting is somewhat physically demanding, but the guides and the outfitters do everything they can to make it less so. Your trophy is well earned and you can be proud of it. There is plenty of lions shot from the safari truck, but not sheep or ibex. I would recommend “Arpa-Marco Polo" Hunting Service Company to any real hunter without reservations

Alexander Levitov (USA)

2 Mid-Asian ibexes

20141025_123106Due to Bruno´s good reputation, I decided to go ibex hunting with some good friends in the area managed by Kairat, chief of the organisation.I paid for the hunt of 2 ibex. It was my first time. I am 60 years old but it was an expedition that I had always had in mind. I trained for some time at the gym and I went on the adventure.

The style of hunting was authentic and we moved on horseback through the snowy mountains accompanied by 2 guides. Unfortunately, my companion was not feeling well, which left me with only one guide (but a formidable one) called Ekest, who made me feel safe in the inmensity of the landscape.

Both on the first and second day I was able to see packs of ibex. It was hard to get close until the dawn of the third day, when after a plentiful snowfall my guide noticed a group of ibex.Two of them got separated from their group and after waiting for a while we were able to take both of them down. They were big-sized ibex. The most important, though, was spending 3 amazing days and feeling safe, protected and with a group of managers, cooks and trophy preparators that tried to make the hunting complete.

The hunting was tough but authentic.

The mountains infinite, beautiful.

The ibex were magnificent.

The warm and homely treatment towards us, the efficiency of team members, wonderful guides, like my guide Ekest (on the left on photo) and the surroundings where the hunting took place makes me have a moment every day to remember you. Every day I know that October 2016 is closer.

All the best!

Thomas Elvira (Spain)

Mid-Asian ibex


I hunted in Kyrgyzstan with Kairat and Arpa-Marco Polo hunting for Ibex in September of 2013. The experience was wonderful and the hunt was rugged but very interesting. I was picked up at the airport by Kairat who ensured the trip proceeded smoothly by taking me out to the hunting ground and  then later back to Bishkek and he saw to it that all proper documentation (and there is a lot of that needed in Kyrgyzstan) was taken care of. We saw a lot of ibex after a day of riding up into the mountains and I shot a nice one on day five. Plan to take a 400 yard shot and practice for that. The horses were a pleasant surprise. They walk smoothly over steep uneven rocks and the saddle they use is a sort of big wide blanket that leaves you less sore than a western saddle would. I still got sore after riding all day but it wasn't terrible. I stumbled more when I got off and walked than the horses ever did. Quite literally, if the ground had been covered with bowling balls those horses could have walked on them. They grow up there doing that and it was impressive.  "The head guide and others were excellent. They worked very hard and were very cheerful. There was some difficulty with the language barrier with my guide, but Kairat did an excellent job for me and represented the experience very accurately, and gave me exactly what he said he would. This was a phyiscally demanding hunt, but I believe there is a very high expectation of success.

The terrain was very steep and the altitude was high so being in shape is a must for this hunt but overall it was great and I'd recommend this hunt to anyone who wants to hunt the high country and see something new. For questions don't hesitate to give me a shout about it

Robert LaGrone (USA)

Mid-Asian ibex

 I highly recommend h2012 (3368)unting with Arpa-Marco Polo Hunting Service Company. The manager, Kairat Akmatbekov, does a wonderful job making sure his clients have an enjoyable stay and a successful hunt. The guides couldn't be better. They worked hard every day to find a large number of Ibex and helped provide me the opportunity to choose from several world-class trophies. Kairat's family and staff made me feel very welcome and I especially appreciated the wonderful meals his mother prepared. I can compare Kairat's hunting service with others I have experienced in Central Asia and without a doubt, his stands above the rest.

John Roou (USA)

Mid-Asian ibex


I've had the opportunity to hunt in Kyrgyzstan with  Arpa-Marco Polo Hunting Service Company which ran by Kairat K.Akmatbecov  Words can not express how I felt after shooting my first Ibex. It was without any doubt the most exciting and exhilarating hunting experience I've had. The accommodations, food and most of all, the guides were of the highest quality. A truly fantastic hunt and I recommend it to everybody

Ruslan Eshchenko (Australia)

Marco Polo sheep and 2 Ibexes

imageThanks to all the staff at Arpa Marco Polo for a great hunt. The staff was very helpful, positive and hard working. I fulfilled a lifelong dream of successfully hunting a Marco Polo sheep. I even managed to bag a couple Ibex and had a great time doing so. The beauty of the country is surpassed only by the amount of game it holds, we saw plenty of game every single day. I would recommend to anyone who interested in a quality hunt.


Derek Ekdahl (Canada)


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